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Training, Research and Analysis


We are happy to provide services at your site and work alongside your own staff. Alternatively, you can send data to us.

However you choose the project to be undertaken, we always invest time in initial consultation and regular interaction to ensure that the project deals with the issues that are important to you.

Services include:


We undertake investigative desk research and literature reviews.

Survey / field work design and data collection

We can design for you, or assist your staff to design, field studies and surveys, with a view to the questions asked, or reasons for the survey, and the data analyses required later on. We can also undertake surveys and field studies, or participate alongside your staff as a survey team member.

We have particular expertise in Marine and Aquatic surveys, including visual and semi-quantitative methods such as SACFOR and quantitative methods for sampling fauna and flora such as plankton nets, transects and quadrats for shore and sub-littoral surveys, and sediment grabs. We can also undertake beach surveys for indicators of pollution.

Experimental design

We can design, or assist your staff to design, experiments for laboratory or field. We have particular experience in designing trials suited to ANOVA or mixed model type analyses, such as when several treatments need to be compared in different combinations.

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Data management and interpretation

We can accept data in various formats. Please ask us regarding your preferred format.

  • Spreadsheets, tables and graphs
    We can create spreadsheet templates to manipulate data and summarise data in various table and graph formats.
  • Statistical analysis
    We use a range of standard and specialist statistical packages that are suited to the particular analyses undertaken. We particularly offer multivariate statistics and mixed model analyses.
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    Presentation of information

    We prepare reports & PowerPoint presentations from data or information you provide to us or from data we have researched or analysed for you.

    Independent review of reports or planned projects

    Drawing on many years experience of peer-reviewing manuscripts for academic journals and project proposals for grant-giving organisations, we can review documents with respect to scientific content, statistical elements or both.

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    We develop bespoke courses that are designed specifically to meet your needs, covering topics such as communication and presentation skills, understanding and interpreting data, basic or multivariate statistics and presenting data. We also run open courses which are offered at a central Edinburgh venue.

    Event organisation

    We have experience of organising events ranging from short meetings, one day or weekend seminars and training events, to three month overseas expeditions.

    Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

    “spot-on” – absolutely correct, very accurate, mathematically or statistically exact.

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