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Spot-on Data Solutions is an independent consultancy offering a unique combination of training, research and analysis, with special expertise in ecological and statistical services. We can help you get information you need, through desk or field research, data analysis and interpretation, and present the story your data is telling you in an understandable format. We can work with a wide range of data - from market research, customer or financial data to scientific, medical or environmental data. We offer training workshops in communication and presentation skills, and understanding data and statistics - ideal if you have to collect data yourself, or if you need to understand and evaluate information in order to make sound business, management or research decisions.

Spot-on Data is a trading name of Aeona Limited, (registered in Scotland, no SC275410) that delivers leader development, coaching, facilitation and training in "soft skills" such as mental toughness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, presentation skills, and also workshops on understanding data. Here clients benefit from our unique background combining scientific expertise with professional coaching training.


Dr Sue Mitchell - Director.

Dr Mitchell has degrees in Zoology (MA, Cambridge University), Marine Environmental Protection (MSc, University of N. Wales, Bangor) and Evolutionary Ecology (PhD on genetic and environmental roles in the maintenance of diversity, University of Hull). She has also trained as a professional coach as an NLP Business Practitioner.

Sue has worked on environmental, ecological and research projects around the world including environmental monitoring using visual and quantitative surveys for Environmental Impact Assessment; managing surveys for coral reef research and on expeditions, and laboratory research. Sue held post-doctoral fellowships at the Max-Plank Institute for Limnology in Germany and University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her research investigates the maintenance of diversity and covers a range of disciplines including community and population ecology, population and quantitative genetics, host-parasite interactions, life-histories, phenotypic plasticity and reaction norms for genotype by environment interactions.

Sue has considerable experience in dealing with very large data sets and analysing messy biological data for 'real' trends, involving numerous statistical techniques and particularly mixed models and Multivariate Statistics.

Sue has over ten years experience in training students and technicians on practical and theoretical subjects including using computer programs, statistics and biology; from one-on-one sessions on practical skills, to laboratory classes and formal university lectures. She has given numerous presentations to audiences ranging from invited seminars and small workshops to international symposia. Sue also has considerable experience in leading and facilitating teams, through expedition and survey work, scientific research and voluntary work such as regional coaching for the British Sub-Aqua club.


“spot-on” – absolutely correct, very accurate, mathematically or statistically exact.

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